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Before gambling, it pays to know your odds of winning. I would consider that the casino can set the gaming odds to whatever they like by programming the software.

What every gambler should find is that it is best to avoid gambling where you are not certain as to the true gaming odds you are getting.

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Offers the best casino sites & huge bonus offers! Casino Stalker is your casino guide.

Online Blackjack Strategy ›
My name is Thomas Fields. I created my web site after winning over $5000 dollars at the online casinos playing blackjack. I want to teach you the very same methods I used to beat the casinos!

Mr. Video PokerMr. Video Poker ›
All casino machines are not created equal. It may look like a slot machine and it may sound like a slot machine, but a video poker machine is not a slot machine. Smart players often move away from reel slots and toward the poker via video.

Legitimate Poker Sites ›
Your chances of arriving at one of the legitimate internet poker sites is basically a crap shoot, unless you do some homework. We are lifelong gamblers, both online and off, and want nothing more than to get right to the tables to enjoy some responsible poker, while wagering real money to keep the action exciting.


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