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Luck must be for real, how else can you explain the winnings of stupid people?

Success produces success. Money can produce money.

Money is a great deoderant.

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."
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How to Win Gambling Online:

By Scott Cash, CasinoSite
MAY 4, 2021 ∙ 5 min read
Spin, Bovada, Gaming Club Casinos

Money Makes the World Go Round It's never too late to learn. Money makes the world go round. When gambling, it's your understanding of the definition of work ethic that matters most.

work ethic: The principle that hard work is intrinsically (naturally) virtuous (righteous) or worthy of reward.

You need to stop trying to beat online casino games as a way to make consistent money. The truth is they cannot be beaten on a continuous basis, even by a syndicate of hard working geniuses, because they are odds-driven using random number generators. Once you realize this, you'll see that gambling is for entertainment and not for profit, then you should want less of it.

Gambling is more fun than a travel to countries, and you should keep it that way. Forget about seeking an advantage over the casino. That ruins the experience, and could create enemies for yourself, from the casino staff not honoring your cashout.

Casinos don't view players as having a good work ethic, then reward them accordingly. They treat all players the same, like individuals who are paying for exciting entertainment.

Here's the humble advice I could have used when I thought I was the man, counting cards in blackjack: Your hard work worthy of a reward is not found in seeking a player advantage over a casino. Even when you think you are courageous. Hard work is using courage to constantly improve your career skills, outside of gambling. Then becoming worthy of an income.

Like land-based casinos, online casinos have the right to do what they want, if they don't like your patterns of winning money. They are governed by themselves in this area. They are told to trust their instinct, for best business practices.

Casinos do not like advantage players!! They will not honor withdrawals if they suspect you are cheating the software. To them, you are trying to make casino gambling a career. They don't want to be your employer. They just want you to have an exciting time.

On the other hand, you could seek those online casinos that don't see your betting system as cheating. After you master a betting system, like Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Labouchere, or Martingale,[1] just Google "how to cheat online casinos." You could do well after registering at a casino that doesn't see your system as cheating. If you do take this route, I would do the research online first, any preparation work is wise. You never know what kind of tips you'll get. Try to keep your profitable betting system to yourself, because you really should be mastering more honorable career skills.

The mature viewpoint is that it's ok to gamble at casinos every now and then for entertainment, to see if you can cash-out ahead. The way to beat 'em is to be prepared, without using a scheme that could be seen as cheating.

To win at online casinos you must:
1.  Know the gaming odds.
2.  Have a plausible plan to play less.
3.  Have self-discipline.
4.  Use wisdom.

Know The Gaming Odds

The 30,000 foot view: Online casinos are successful because gaming odds are set in their favour. Most definitely, they are set on making a profit (income minus expenses), year to year.

The money online casinos bring in is from 70% to 99% payout returns. Their expenses are marketing campaigns, and cost of business that include web hosting, licensing, etc.

As a player, you are going to win more when you play with the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing how casinos work.

Armed with your knowledge, if you trust them, then it's ok to make a deposit. If a casino looks dodgy, avoid them like the plague.

Third party Random Number Generators (RNG) testing companies like Technical Systems Testing (TST) and eCOGRA, offer reports that show the percentage of payouts for games. Who's to say that casinos have a secret way of manipulating these numbers?

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

We do not know if casino operators are evil enough to come up with a way to manipulate payout returns into the software they are using. I give this scenario a 1%--5% probability of occurring.

"A Random Number Generator (RNG) is the software used to generate random outcomes... This software is controlled by the online casino and unfortunately, there is a very real risk that online operators rig the software in their favour."[2]

Ok, maybe with the best software engineers, rigging the RNG is possible. That is still a gloomy outlook on how the casino works.

Here is a more pleasant outlook: "The games don’t belong to the casino, nor are they controlled by it."[3]

It's only the gaming software companies that have the ability to adjust the RNG output. That's what we can trust, for now.

We can only hope casinos are indeed using fair software practices, that give the house only a slight edge in all games.% Payouts Are Reviewed

"The great majority of online casinos do not cheat for a simple reason. They don't need to."[3]

"If you stick with a reputable online casino that uses software from a leading provider, you should be OK and have a proper house edge."[4]

Casinos should be maintaining a fair approach in God's eyes. The authorities that give a casino its license to operate online is good enough to trust, for peace-of-mind. Malta Gaming Authority

"Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."
- Romans 12:1

Gaming odds should be set the same for those who claim bonuses and those who do not. Online casino software that gives better gaming odds to non-bonus players is unfair and should be illegal. Your focus is to just hope that all online casinos are giving equal gaming odds to every player.

"Online casino gambling is an industry that is predicated on trust. The player must accept that they are going to be treated fairly."[4]

The only way casinos should be legally pushing the odds against bonus players is through an increase in playthrough requirement, that forces them to play longer.

Again, free casino cash does not give an advantage to the player, because it comes with playthrough requirements that force you to play longer. This decreases your odds of winning to the level of non-bonus players who can cash out at any time. E.g., Mark takes a match bonus that comes with a playthrough requirement. Jane makes a deposit without claiming a bonus. After Mark meets his playthrough requirement, both have equal odds of cashing out ahead.

The optimistic view-point of bonus playthrough requirements is that you have a doozy of an excuse to gamble longer. That's really the best way to look at them.

Have A Plausible Plan

Today's advantage player will avoid bonuses because of the playthrough requirement. They will keep their play-time to under an hour at a time, because the longer you play the less the odds in your favour. Not being seen as a "bonus hunter" will make it easy for the casino to process your withdrawals quickly.

This is a standard bonus term: "Grand Rush Casino reserves the right: To refuse a promotion or bonus for any reason deemed valid and appropriate including, but not restricted to, promotion abuse by a player."[6]

To win at online casinos, here's what you need to do: First decide if you want to play for over or under an hour. If you want under, make a deposit without a bonus, then play games that have the smallest house advantage, like table games.

If you want to play over an hour, take a bonus and read the playthrough requirements, to find the contributing percentages of each game, towards meeting the playthrough requirement of your bonus. Make note of the maximum bet allowed for your bonus and follow that rule. E.g., "All players are limited to bets that do not exceed AU$5 per round and $0.50 per line when playing with any active bonus."[6]

Play only the games that count 100% (e.g., slots and parlor games), so you will not be forced to play for hours and hours. You want to increase your odds of cashing out ahead. Do not have a goal to play until your credits run out.

Always stay away from long sessions of slots because of their lousy payout returns! Then keep to a realistic cash-out goal amount.

When a deposit is required, in order to transfer winnings from a no deposit bonus to a Real Account, the player should go ahead and make the minimum purchase. Then definitely seek to cash out the allowable amount. Be prepared to accept that no deposit winnings are capped out at a set amount. E.g., a $50 no deposit bonus that states in the terms that 2x ($100) is the max cash out on that bonus. Whether or not you can withdraw the initial no deposit amount ($50) will also be in the bonus terms and conditions. If you can not withdraw the initial bonus, it's called a "sticky bonus."

The most important thing to do is to play for entertainment, and not to cheat the casino. In doing this, you will not be breaking any rules and should be treated like a VIP.

Even though "Card counting with the mind is legal,"[7] online casinos reserve the right to take action to protect their money.

A quote from Miami Club Casino, "The Company also reserves the right in its unfettered discretion to void any winnings... If Player is found cheating or if it is determined by the Company that Player has employed or made use of a system designed specifically to defeat the Casino.[8]

So, don't be a narrow-minded nincompoop, like me when I first started gambling!!

Have Self-Discipline

Before you start draining your bank account with gambling, the most important thing is first having a righteous daytime job. Then God will grant you perfect self-discipline, because forbearance is a fruit of the spirit.

If online gambling interests you, maybe instead of being a player, you could start your own BuffaloPartners.comcasino, become an affiliate, or find a job with a gaming software company. You should use your interest in gambling to find a doozy of a job. Nothing beats having a career in a field of your interest.

It's 100,000 times easier to have self-discipline when you have a full-time job and a strong work ethic. Smart players who want to minimize losses are those who are centered on working to earn money righteously.

Once you have a decent job, I strongly recommend you learn basic strategy on all games you play. There is certainly a possibility that casinos reward players who have skill verses those who do not. Basic strategy gives you a better chance to cash-out ahead.

Just because you have a good paying job does not give you the ok to be a high roller! Staying away from big deposits is key. You should deposit under $100 and place bets under $1. In making a big deposit, a player is allowing the casino to dish out a bad loss.

Minimizing deposits is not an easy thing to do, because gambling can be addictive. Good effort is required to keep a commitment to avoid purchases. This is where your vision of what you want from gambling comes in to play. You need to be in it for the excitement and entertainment only. Expecting profit from casino gambling is idiotic, and leads to you feeling irate, when the time spent returns a loss and not a reward you wanted.

Playing for fun as a Guest and using no deposit casino offers also helps. Remember, your goal is to experience casino excitement, not to earn a living.

Addicted players who lack superior discipline need the most help. A little love goes a long way. A good focus to overcome gambling addiction is to review the Gamblers Anonymous: There is HopeGamblers Anonymous 12 Steps. Know your onions!!

You can't work as a gambler and earn consistent money, because casino gaming odds are not in your favour. You will lose 99.5% in the long run. That makes gambling only a 0.5% chance of being successful.

The bottom line: A player who wins in the long run is one who has self-control and knows their onions!

Hundo P Wisdom

In the area of having fun, bad feelings one gets from losing big money is one of the worst things that happens to people.

Those who gamble less are the wise players who make sound money management decisions. They minimize their odds of walking away with bad feelings.

To be wise, you need to have discipline to avoid temptations in all you do inside and outside of gambling. In other words you want to be right with God. You want to be successful in life.

I think, therefore I am.

If you find yourself making more deposits when you are drunk on wine, make a goal to gamble without wine in the house.

Gambling is supposed to only be entertainment. If you want to gamble over an hour, use a bonus. Have fun but if you ever find yourself addicted to chasing losses, it's time to quit.

Internet gaming can be addictive. It can rob us of the time we could have spent on doing other more productive things.

Consistently making money gambling is a fool's goal.Dollar Sign

The best addiction you can have is your profession, that brings in continuous income w/ 99.9% chance of being successful!


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