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How to Win Gambling Online:

Casinos are successful because gaming odds are set in their favor. Business last because they are set on making a profit (income minus expenses), year to year.

When a casino game is paying out because of a player's ability, the casino has the option of rewarding that player [through fair odds]. Or, they can also program the software to payout less.

The money online casinos bring in is from player deposits. Most of their expenses are payouts (player winnings, affiliate commissions), marketing, and cost of business (web hosting, licensing, etc.).

We do not know what payout odds casino operators program into their software. We can only hope they maintain a fair approach in God's eyes.

Gaming odds should be set the same for those who claim bonuses and those who do not. An online casino that gives better gaming odds to non-bonus players is being unfair. I would continue to hope that all online casinos are giving equal gaming odds to every player.

When a deposit is required, in order to transfer winnings from a no deposit bonus to a Real Account, the player should go ahead and make the minimum purchase. This free casino cash should help keep the odds of cashing-out ahead on the player's side.

Players can minimize losses using self-discipline. Staying away from big deposits is key. Playing for fun as a Guest and using no deposit casino offers also helps.

In making a big deposit, a player is allowing the casino to dish out a bad loss.

Minimizing deposits is not an easy thing to do, because gambling can be addictive. Good effort is required to keep a commitment to avoid purchases.

Addicted players who lack superior discipline need the most help. A little love goes a long way. A good focus to overcome gambling addiction is to review the Gamblers Anonymous 12 Steps.

In the area of having fun, bad feelings one gets from losing money is one of the worst things that happens to people. Wise gamblers minimize deposits.

Those who gamble less, using self-control, are the winners. These are the players who can make good money management decisions.

Those who cultivate discipline to avoid temptations are good people. They deserve to be successful in all they do. In contrast, simply because we deserve to win does not mean we will always do well.

The bottom line: A player who wins in the long run is one who masters the discipline of self-control.

Mastering self control is simply trusting in God to control our lives.

Example: When a player loses money while gambling, he should seek to understand the goodness (Godliness) behind it. An idea could be that maybe God is giving out the spirit of dislike for gambling. Maybe God's people need an example of one who can avoid gambling addiction because it is too overpowering.

Internet gaming can be addictive in a bad (evil) way. Addicting games rob us of the time we could have spent on doing other more productive things.

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Player's Tip: Some casinos give away free birthday chips.

Consistently making money gambling is a fools goal.

It is possible for casinos to become trustworthy.

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